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    A social network that goes beyond sharing pictures Imagine that you can find out what other alumni love, what inspires them, what ideas shape the way they see the world. Unicircles allows this by connecting alumni networks, and by facilitating the sharing of preferences and reviews. Knowing what my friends are doing, eating, or seeing is fun - but there is so much more to share within University Circles.

    Would you like to interact with likeminded alumni? Facebook ‘suicide’ is on the up, as more people realize that the endless and mostly frivolous status updates add little to maintaining their relationships – and may detract from them. Moreover, many of us have concerns about our privacy on ad funded networks. Instead, discover new tastes, new titles, new jobs and startups, by only interacting with other alumni.

    Share what you love without worrying about privacy Do what you do locally everyday, discuss new releases with friends, but now at a global level. Learn about cultural diversity, become a social entrepreneur, hire other entrepreneurs on your team, and create a meaningful network without the pressure from mass social media.

    Claire at Oxford

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    We all miss our University life After graduating from Stanford I quickly jumped on the corporate ladder, got busy at work, found a nice guy, had a few cute babies, held on to my fast-track job somehow, and mostly got very busy. Things changed from my University days, to say the least.

    You can relive these days At school I spent many days in the outdoors, hiking and biking the trails of Northern California. My husband loves a good book, and is less inclined to join me on these type of trips. I used the University Circles network to organize events around the Bay Area. The people I invited quickly became my hiky-biky compatriots, and some became good friends.

    Unicircles has numerous alumni clubs You can join existing groups, or start your own. My husband took my example, organized his own literature club, and is currently debating the intricacies of ancient Roman literature with other graduates from around the globe (all living in the Bay Area).

    Sarah in San Francisco

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    Meet students & alumni from around the globe

    Find out what people like yourself love I want to feel a sense of autonomy as I choose what to devote my precious free time to. That is usually not what’s on a bestseller list from Amazon, Tripadvisor, or Match.com. Moreover, I would like to know what the people I care about, care about, and share life’s experiences with them.

    Unicircles has a smarter way to connect I can easily find books, films, and music I’ll enjoy – and strengthen my connection with friends, co-workers, and potential future contacts at the same time. I can easily organize meet-ups to discuss literature, review movies, go to a concert, or just catch up with other alumni in town.

    Meet alumni who match your profile Make new friends based on a tailored analysis of your respective preferences and character traits.

    Jessica in Amsterdam

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    Create the future on Unicircles

    More of us are becoming Entrepreneurs To make a startup opportunity a success, we need honest feedback and support from people we trust. The mutual respect, shared experiences, and rapport we have with other alumni makes Unicircles an ideal and unique forum to explore new ideas and advance innovative projects.

    Find qualified cofounders in University Circles Find co-workers, investors, and mentor-coaches for your project. It’s closed enough to feel ‘safe’, yet wide enough to access the support you need, and it’s the positive space that is absolutely essential for startups. Further, when you are investing your own resources in a project, you want to make sure the people you are bringing on board are passionate.

    Get a better sense of who candidates are If I need to hire a film-maker or web-designer, I want it to be someone who lives to create heart-wrenchingly beautiful images, and will do that for me as a labor of love. Seeing what potential partners and investors love helps me assess whether their aesthetic will ‘fit’ within my vision for the company.

    Birgit in Zurich

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    Unicircles oils the wheels of clunky work interactions Let’s face it, LinkedIn is boring as hell. I’m on it, and I’m not even sure why. How does it help me network, do I really know all these folks? Especially in a ’24 working culture’, we are more likely to make an impression if we can talk about something other than work. There is no other global network that combines professional and social interactions in such a seamless way

    Promote yourself - privately and professionally In the new millennium we have much more liberty to choose who we work with. My productivity, and enjoyment of every working day, depends on great relationships with the people I interact with.

    Understand what inspires potential recruits When I know more about prospective co-workers and business partners, I can more easily connect with them. This especially applies when growing a business. I will have a better chance of success with the CEO of a partner company if I know to ask him what he thought of the new Ludovico Einaudi album, or the latest Tarantino movie he just rated on Unicircles.

    Michael in Tokyo

  • More global!
    Experience other cultures

    Global creativity you don’t usually get exposure to During the last 2 decades I lived in several other countries and cultures. The diversity of things to watch, read, and listen to never ceased to amaze me. I believe we are all missing out when we rely on local mass media for our daily dose of news and entertainment and on local wisdom for our startup ideas.

    Numerous big ideas waiting to be tried elsewhere There are Korean bands that many of us would love, and I am not (only) talking about Gangnam style. There are Italian and Indian movies that we should all be watching, they are so good. While living in Amsterdam I came across tasty and healthy dairy products which I had never seen at home.

    Share your ideas among University Circles Review your favorite movies and books, and also companies and startups. Discover new titles from your circles and from our critics, tailored to your taste and preferences. Grow the network by inviting your University buddies from around the world. Sign up now - it only takes a minute.

    Masahiro in New York

  • More private!
    Don’t be a product sold to a big advertiser

    We live in an age where big brother is a reality The big social networks are selling your personal information to big advertisers. This is how they pay for their operations, and make money. They are generally based in jurisdictions where your data is also provided to government agencies, further diminishing your level and sense of privacy.

    Every day, more data about yourself is analyzed Powerful algorithms are being used without your knowledge to manipulate your buying behavior. I do not want to be poked and analyzed, allowing a range of companies to sell me boring mainstream content and products. I don’t want hyper intelligent algorithms to play with my emotions.

    Unicircles guarantees the privacy of its member alumni The network will keep its membership small and exclusive to global Universities. All its servers are based in Germany, a country with probably the most secure consumer data protection guarantees globally. Unicircles does not make money on advertising, and has engraved in its charter that it will never release or sell it’s members personal information.

    Frank in London

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