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The purpose of the Unicircles platform is to enable a radical improvement in collaboration between industry and academia. Much of our startup experience in the Silicon Valley was driven by informal relationships with researchers at e.g. Stanford University, which was ad-hoc and limited to “just one” local school. Even on campus we witnessed a lack of cross-departmental partnering.

We believe that today's collaboration between industry and academia is ineffective at best. This is especially the case outside of Silicon Valley where the entrepreneurial track record and informal networks are often missing. Especially in Europe we see a wealth of untapped expertise across the national academic landscape, despite many attempts by the European Union to incubate more competition vis-a-vis the Valley. Unicircles was founded in Europe, and intends to function as a digital silk road between Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Our founding team includes several long time entrepreneurs from the San Francisco Bay Area - one of us actually working closely with the investor credited with coining the term Silicon Valley. Based on our track record spanning over 5 decades, we are confident that we understand the key success factors of effective research collaboration, and we set out to infuse these “KSFs” in the platform.

The Unicircles mission is to grow with strong a sense of purpose. We believe that there are enormous societal gains to be made by enabling more rational discourse between business and academic leaders, crossing both national and political boundaries. Especially in the current era of disruption of industry supply chains, natural ecosystems, social safety nets, and the global climate, it is paramount that we improve the quality and frequency of communication across the global research and entrepreneurial hubs.

Unicircles is a global platform for applied research, combining a marketplace for expertise and funding in one place. We aim to radically improve communication across innovation hubs and in doing so substantially increase purpose driven innovation around the globe. Our members leverage the network to move away from annual conferences to day-to-day targeted collaboration. Especially in the post COVID world we believe that innovators cannot afford to miss the rapid interaction in dedicated online research circles.

We hope that you will support our mission for more quality discourse across the globe. Please sign up now to take advantage of our time limited offer for a free annual license. We continue to enhance the marketplace experience and always appreciate your feedback. If you would like to join as a Unicircles ambassador in return for equity please let us know after the quick sign up process.

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The Unicircles founding team