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Movie Ranked #470 | 2019 - Drama, Romance
Unicircles Rating:
(Ranked #470, 1 vote)
World Wide Rating:
(Ranked #6844)
IMDb Rating:
6.6/10, (568 votes)
A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective.
Best two reviews:
1) TheWrap- Ridley is simply extraordinary, and she and MacKay give us a younger, lustier Ophelia and Hamlet than we usually get on the big screen. (Rating: 90) Read Full Review >
2) Film Threat- Ophelia is an amazing movie that puts a positive feminist spin on a very familiar story. I’d love to see more classic stories retold from a female perspective like this one, written by women and directed by women. (Rating: 80) Read Full Review >

Worst two reviews:
7) The Film Stage- Even if the conceit is faulty, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for this film to rework this material into an intelligent riff on the play. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t. (Rating: 42) Read Full Review >
8) The Guardian- This film looks absolutely gorgeous, but apart from its production design it is basically a disaster. (Rating: 40) Read Full Review >
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