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What are the top 10 reasons startups fail?
10 of the most-funded startups to fail inĀ 2017
Startups rise and startups fall. 2017 has seen some prominent startups go under. What follows are...
Business & Finance
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1. Underestimating time to market and budget needs 2. Acrimony in leadership team 3. Scope creep 4. Analysis paralysis 5. L... more
Frank 12M
Who knows where to go for a good dinner in Zurich?
If you want to combine it with a spectacular view of Zurich it's Dolder for the big budget and R21 (new name) for the regular b... more
Jurg 1y
Which shows influenced Stranger Things?
Stranger Things Season 1 (2016)
In a small town where everyone knows everyone, a peculiar incident starts a chain of events that ...