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After the Wedding

Movie Ranked #470 | 2019 - Drama
Unicircles Rating:
(Ranked #470, 1 vote)
World Wide Rating:
(Ranked #10839)
IMDb Rating:
5.5/10, (331 votes)
A manager of an orphanage in Kolkata travels to New York to meet a benefactor.
Best two reviews:
1) Seattle Post-Intelligencer- A highly original and unusually powerful drama that deserves comparison to the great Scandinavian films of the past. (Rating: 100) Read Full Review >
2) San Francisco Chronicle- One of the best films to open in the Bay Area in 2007. (Rating: 100) Read Full Review >

Worst two reviews:
27) The Globe and Mail (Toronto)- At two hours, After the Wedding stretches out family flux too thinly and waits too long to reveal the final, devastating secret that we already know. (Rating: 63) Read Full Review >
28) L.A. Weekly- Evidently, this bloated piece of Oscar-nominated nonsense was a big hit in Denmark, which makes me think there's a glittering future in that otherwise discriminating country for several seasons of "Days of Our Lives." (Rating: 50) Read Full Review >
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